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FRENCH 246: Body over Mind (FRENCH 346, ITALIAN 346)

No schedule information

FRENCH 249: The Algerian Wars (CSRE 249, HISTORY 239G, JEWISHST 249)

FRENCH 252: Art and Power: From Royal Spectacle to Revolutionary Ritual (ARTHIST 252A)

FRENCH 254: Was Deconstruction an Illusion?

No schedule information

FRENCH 270: Les Misérables (FRENCH 370)

FRENCH 287: Sex, Gender, and Violence: French Women Writers Today (FEMGEN 187X, FEMGEN 287X, FRENCH 187, FRENCH 387)

GERMAN 88: Germany in 5 Words

GERMAN 131: What is German Literature?

GERMAN 132: History and Politics of the Future in Germany, 1900-Present

GERMAN 133: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud

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