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TAPS 150P: Performance Art, Politics, and Culture: The Manifesto (CSRE 150P)

TAPS 151C: Hamlet and the Critics (ENGLISH 115C)

TAPS 151T: Great Books: Dramatic Traditions (COMPLIT 151B, COMPLIT 351B, TAPS 351)

TAPS 151V: Controversies in US Theater: From Casting to Funding

TAPS 152: Introduction to Improvisation in Dance: From Salsa to Vodun to Tap Dance (AFRICAAM 52, CSRE 152)

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TAPS 153F: Performing Feeling (CSRE 153F, FEMGEN 153F)

TAPS 153T: Mechanics of the Stage: The Technology of Tricks and Traps in the History of Stagecraft

TAPS 154C: Shall We Dance? Social Dancing as Political Practice (CSRE 154C, DANCE 154, FEMGEN 154C)

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TAPS 154M: The Broadway Musical as History

TAPS 154P: Stage Physics and Chemical Theaters: Science & Contemporary Performance

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