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PHIL 175: Philosophy of Law

PHIL 176: Political Philosophy: The Social Contract Tradition (PHIL 276, POLISCI 137A, POLISCI 337A)

PHIL 176A: Classical Seminar: Origins of Political Thought (CLASSICS 181, CLASSICS 381, PHIL 276A, POLISCI 230A, POLISCI 330A)

PHIL 180: Metaphysics (PHIL 280)

PHIL 184: Epistemology (PHIL 284)

PHIL 185: Theory of Understanding (PHIL 285)

PHIL 186: Philosophy of Mind (PHIL 286)

PHIL 193C: Film & Philosophy (COMPLIT 154A, FRENCH 154, ITALIAN 154, PHIL 293C)

PHIL 193D: Dante and Aristotle

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PHIL 194H: Explanation and Justification

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