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HISTORY 239G: The Algerian Wars (CSRE 249, FRENCH 249)

HISTORY 239K: Revolutionary Moments in French Thought (FRENCH 128)

No schedule information

HISTORY 244: Egyptomania! The Allure of Ancient Egypt Over the Past 3,500 Years (AFRICAAM 87, CLASSICS 87)

HISTORY 254: Popular Culture and American Nature

No schedule information

HPS 60: Introduction to Philosophy of Science (PHIL 60)

HUMBIO 162H: Hysteria and Modern Culture (TAPS 169)

No schedule information

HUMBIO 162L: Psychosis and Literature (ANTHRO 82P, PSYC 82, PSYC 282)

HUMBIO 167: The Art of Vision

HUMBIO 175H: Literature and Human Experimentation (AFRICAAM 223, COMPLIT 223, CSRE 123B, MED 220)

HUMBIO 175L: Literature and Global Health (AFRICAAM 229, AFRICAST 229, COMPLIT 229, CSRE 129B, FRENCH 229, MED 234)

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