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CLASSICS 137: Ancient Dance and its Modern Legacy (CLASSICS 237, TAPS 165C, TAPS 265C)

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CLASSICS 142: Emperor, Explorer, and God: Alexander the Great in the Global Imagination (RELIGST 109)

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CLASSICS 145: Early Christian Gospels (RELIGST 132D)

No schedule information

CLASSICS 151: Ten Things: An Archaeology of Design (ARCHLGY 151)

CLASSICS 161: Introduction to Greek Art I: The Archaic Period (ARTHIST 101)

CLASSICS 162: Introduction to Greek Art II: The Classical Period (ARTHIST 102)

CLASSICS 163: Greek Art In and Out of Context (ARTHIST 203)

CLASSICS 166: The Body in Roman Art (ARCHLGY 166)

CLASSICS 168: Engineering the Roman Empire (ARCHLGY 118)

CLASSICS 171: Byzantine Art and Architecture, 300-1453 C.E. (ARTHIST 106, ARTHIST 306)

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