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ENGLISH 23: American Literature and Culture to 1855 (AMSTUD 150, ENGLISH 123)

ENGLISH 43: Introduction to African American Literature (AFRICAAM 43, AMSTUD 143, ENGLISH 143)

ENGLISH 43A: American Indian Mythology, Legend, and Lore (ENGLISH 143A, NATIVEAM 143A)

ENGLISH 47N: Sports and Culture

ENGLISH 48N: The American Songbook and Love Poetry

ENGLISH 51N: The Sisters: Poetry & Painting

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ENGLISH 65N: Contemporary Women Fiction Writers

ENGLISH 79N: The Renaissance: Culture as Conflict

ENGLISH 81: Philosophy and Literature (CLASSICS 42, COMPLIT 181, FRENCH 181, GERMAN 181, ITALIAN 181, PHIL 81, SLAVIC 181)

ENGLISH 90: Fiction Writing

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