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AFRICAAM 18A: Jazz History: Ragtime to Bebop, 1900-1940 (MUSIC 18A)

AFRICAAM 18B: Jazz History: Bebop to Present, 1940-Present (MUSIC 18B)

AFRICAAM 30: The Egyptians (CLASSHIS 105)

AFRICAAM 43: Introduction to African American Literature (AMSTUD 143)

No schedule information

AFRICAAM 54N: African American Women's Lives

No schedule information

AFRICAAM 133: Literature and Society in Africa and the Caribbean (FRENCH 133, JEWISHST 143)

AFRICAAM 145B: Africa in the 20th Century (HISTORY 145B)

AFRICAAM 152E: African American Literature (AMSTUD 152E, ENGLISH 152E)

AFRICAAM 152G: Global Harlem Renaissance (AMSTUD 152G)

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AMELANG 126: Reflection on the Other: The Jew in Arabic Literature, the Arab in Hebrew Literature (COMPLIT 145, JEWISHST 106)

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