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MUSIC 37N: Ki ho'alu: The New Renaissance of a Hawaiian Musical Tradition

No schedule information

MUSIC 40: Music History to 1600

MUSIC 41: Music History 1600-1830

MUSIC 42: Music History Since 1830

MUSIC 80: Russian Modernists: Stravinsky & Shostakovich

No schedule information

MUSIC 102: Picturing Performance, Re-Envisioning the Arts (MUSIC 202)

MUSIC 118: Musics and Appropriation Throughout the World (AFRICAAM 218, CSRE 118D)

No schedule information

MUSIC 122A: Counterpoint

MUSIC 122B: Analysis of Tonal Music

MUSIC 133: Food, Text, Music: A Multidisciplinary Lab on the Art of Feasting (FRENCH 166, FRENCH 266, FRENCH 366, MUSIC 333)

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