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FILMSTUD 4: Introduction to Film Study

FILMSTUD 4S: Language of Film

FILMSTUD 6: Introduction to Media

FILMSTUD 100A: History of World Cinema I, 1895-1929 (FILMSTUD 300A)

FILMSTUD 100B: History of World Cinema II, 1930-1959 (FILMSTUD 300B)

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FILMSTUD 100C: History of World Cinema III, 1960-Present (FILMSTUD 300C)

FILMSTUD 101: Fundamentals of Cinematic Analysis: Film Sound (FILMSTUD 301)

FILMSTUD 102: Theories of the Moving Image (FILMSTUD 302)

FILMSTUD 110: Science Fiction Cinema (FILMSTUD 310)

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FILMSTUD 110N: Darkness in Light: The Filmic Imagination of Horror

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