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EDUC 423: Introduction to Data Science (EDUC 143, SOC 302)

EDUC 426: Unleashing Personal Potential: Behavioral Science and Design Thinking Applied to Self (PSYCH 264)

EDUC 430C: Using Data to Describe the World: Descriptive Social Science Research Techniques (SOC 258C)

EDUC 445: Entrepreneurial Approaches to Education Reform

EDUC 450C: Qualitative Interviewing

EE 292I: Insanely Great Products: How do they get built?

EE 402A: Topics in International Technology Management (EALC 402A, EASTASN 402A)

EE 402T: Entrepreneurship in Asian High Tech Industries (EALC 402T, EASTASN 402T)

EFSLANG 690A: Interacting in English

EFSLANG 690B: Academic Discussion

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