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URBANST 114: Urban Culture in Global Perspective (ANTHRO 126)

URBANST 131: VIP: Very Impactful People - Social Innovation & the Social Entrepreneur

URBANST 155EP: Topics in Writing & Rhetoric: Introduction to Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Gender and Place (CSRE 132E, EARTHSYS 194, PWR 194EP)

URBANST 156A: The Changing American City (CSRE 156, SOC 156A, SOC 256A)

URBANST 164: Sustainable Cities (EARTHSYS 160)

URBANST 194: Internship in Urban Studies

URBANST 195: Special Projects in Urban Studies

URBANST 196: Senior Research in Public Service (EDUC 196)

URBANST 197: Directed Reading

URBANST 199: Senior Honors Thesis

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