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SOMGEN 130: Sexual Diversity and Function Across Medical Disciplines

SOMGEN 160: Flip the Script

SOMGEN 203: Literature and Writing for Military Affiliated Students

SOMGEN 211: Preparation and Practice: Science Policy

SOMGEN 215: Biosocial Medicine: The Social, Psychological, and Biological Determinants of Behavior and Wellbeing (EDUC 205, HUMBIO 65)

SOMGEN 216: Medical Etymology

SOMGEN 218: Walk With Us: An Interprofessional Education Experience

SOMGEN 227: Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) Internship Development

SOMGEN 227A: Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) Internship Program Practicum

SOMGEN 230: Sexual Function and Diversity in Medical Disciplines (CHPR 230, FEMGEN 230, FEMGEN 230X)

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