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SOC 252: The Social Determinants of Health (SOC 152)

SOC 254: Welfare State (SOC 354)

No schedule information

SOC 255: The Changing American Family (FEMGEN 155, FEMGEN 255, SOC 155)

SOC 256A: The Changing American City (CSRE 156, SOC 156A, URBANST 156A)

SOC 257: Causal Inference in Quantitative Educational and Social Science Research (EDUC 430B)

SOC 258C: Using Data to Describe the World: Descriptive Social Science Research Techniques (EDUC 430C)

SOC 259: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Global Indigeneity (SOC 159)

No schedule information

SOC 260: Formal Organizations (SOC 160)

SOC 261: The Social Science of Entrepreneurship (SOC 161)

No schedule information

SOC 262: The Social Regulation of Markets (SOC 162)

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