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SOC 216: Chinese Organizations and Management (SOC 116)

Seminar for advanced undergraduates and all graduate students.

SOC 219: Understanding Large-Scale Societal Change: The Case of the 1960s (SOC 119)

The demographic, economic, political, and cultural roots of social change in the 60s; its legacy in the present U.S.

SOC 223: Sex and Love in Modern U.S. Society (FEMGEN 123, SOC 123)

Social influences on private intimate relations involving romantic love and sexuality. Topics include the sexual revolution, contraception, dating, hook-ups, cohabitation, sexual orientation, and changing cultural meanings of marriage, gender, and romantic love.
Instructors: Fogarty, A. (PI)

SOC 224: The New Science of Right and Wrong: The Social Psychology of Morality and Justice (SOC 124)

Social psychology class focusing on topics related to morality, broadly defined (generosity, moral reasoning, discrimination, obedience, deviance, political psychology.

SOC 224B: Microsociology: Social Structure and Interaction (EDUC 312B)

How to interpret interpersonal situations using microsociological theories. Focuses on the role of intention, identity, routines, scripts, rituals, conceptual frameworks, talk and emotions in social interaction. Processes by which interactions reverberate outward to transform groups and social structures. Special consideration will be placed on organizational contexts like schools, workplaces and policy decision arenas.

SOC 226: Introduction to Social Networks (SOC 126)

(Graduate students register for 226.) Theory, methods, and research. Concepts such as density, homogeneity, and centrality; applications to substantive areas. The impact of social network structure on individuals and groups in areas such as communities, neighborhoods, families, work life, and innovations.

SOC 227: Bargaining, Power, and Influence in Social Interaction (SOC 127)

(Graduate students register for 227.) Research and theoretical work on bargaining, social influence, and issues of power and justice in social settings such as teams, work groups, and organizations. Theoretical approaches to the exercise of power and influence in social groups and related issues in social interaction such as the promotion of cooperation, effects of competition and conflict, negotiation, and intergroup relations. Enrollment limited to 40.

SOC 228: Introduction to Social Network Analysis (SOC 128)

(Graduate students register for SOC 228.) Theory and methods of network analysis in sociology (with an emphasis on social movements), anthropology, history, social psychology, economics, political science, and public health. Prerequisite: basic mathematics.

SOC 231: World, Societal, and Educational Change: Comparative Perspectives (EDUC 136, EDUC 306D)

Theoretical perspectives and empirical studies on the structural and cultural sources of educational expansion and differentiation, and on the cultural and structural consequences of educational institutionalization. Research topics: education and nation building; education, mobility, and equality; education, international organizations, and world culture.
Instructors: Ramirez, F. (PI)

SOC 234: Research Seminar on Access to Justice (SOC 334)

The functions and dysfunctions of modern legal systems. Topics include: official statements of the U.S. and the EU about the rights of parties to civil disputes; the roles of lawyers as gatekeepers and facilitators; the filtering process by which injuries and experiences become the basis for legal claims; access to and use of courts; the balance of power and advantage between individual persons and organizations in disputes. Prerequisite: advanced undergraduate or graduate standing, or consent of instructor.
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