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SOC 318: Social Movements and Collective Action

Topics: causes, dynamics, and outcomes of social movements; organizational dimensions of collective action; and causes and consequences of individual activism.
Instructors: McAdam, D. (PI)

SOC 325W: Family Workshop: Sociology Phd students present and critique work on family and demography.

Sociology PhD students will present their own work weekly, and read and critique the research-in-progress of their peers on issues of family, household structure, interpersonal relationships, marriage, demography, survey data, demographic methods, statistical methods, and related fields.

SOC 332: Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools (EDUC 110, EDUC 310, SOC 132)

Seminar. Key sociological theories and empirical studies of the links between education and its role in modern society, focusing on frameworks that deal with sources of educational change, the organizational context of schooling, the impact of schooling on social stratification, and the relationships between the educational system and other social institutions such as families, neighborhoods, and the economy.

SOC 333: Law and Wikinomics: The Economic and Social Organization of the Legal Profession (SOC 133)

(Graduate and Law students enroll in 333.) Seminar. Emphasis is on the labor market for large-firm lawyers, including the market for entry-level lawyers, attorney retention and promotion practices, lateral hiring of partners, and increased use of forms of employment such as the non-equity form of partnership. Race and gender discrimination and occupational segregation; market-based pressure tactics for organizational reform. Students groups collect and analyze data about the profession and its markets. Multimedia tools for analysis and for producing workplace reforms. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
Last offered: Spring 2013 | Repeatable for credit

SOC 348: Advanced Topics in the Sociology of Gender

Seminar for graduate students who have research projects in progress that focus on questions about gender and society. Research projects can be at any stage from the initial development to the final writing up of results. Focus is on questions posed by the research projects of the seminar participants. Readings include relevant background to each other's questions and present their own work in progress. A final paper reports the progress on the seminar member's research project.
| Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Ridgeway, C. (PI)

SOC 350: Sociology of Race

Emphasis on cultural approaches that focus on meaning and meaning-making in the realm of race and race relations. Issues and complications in conceptualizing and theorizing race. Differentiation, organization, and stratification by race across a range of domains. Identity, political and economic participation, group solidarity. Prerequisite: Sociology doctoral student or consent of instructor
Instructors: Snipp, C. (PI)

SOC 359: Organizations and Uncertainty

Organizations and environments characterized by institutional uncertainty. Beliefs at the roots of shared routines and institutional myths are absent. Institutionalists and neo-institutionalists, organizations facing uncertain institutional environments.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3-5
Instructors: Parigi, P. (PI)

SOC 366A: Organizational Ecology (OB 601)

This seminar examines theoretical and methodological issues in the study of the ecology of organizations. Particular attention is given to the dynamics that characterize the interface between organizational populations and their audiences.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 4
Instructors: Hannan, M. (PI)

SOC 370A: Sociological Theory: Social Structure, Inequality, and Conflict

Restricted to Sociology doctoral students.The traditions of structural analysis derived from the work of Marx, Weber, and related thinkers. Antecedent ideas in foundational works are traced through contemporary theory and research on political conflict, social stratification, formal organization, and the economy. Priority is given to first year Sociology students
Terms: Win | Units: 5
Instructors: Fields, C. (PI)

SOC 372: Theoretical Analysis and Design

Theoretical analysis and the logical elements of design, including the systematic analysis of the logical structure of arguments, the relationship of arguments to more encompassing theoretical or metatheoretical assumptions, the derivation of logical implications from arguments, assessments of theoretically significant problems or gaps in knowledge.
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