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PWR 1AB: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Podcasts to Broadcasts: The Rhetoric of Radio

PWR 1AK: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Humor

PWR 1BK: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Writing What You Eat: The Rhetoric of Food

PWR 1BRB: Writing & Rhetoric 1: In Another's Shoes: The Rhetoric of Empathy

PWR 1CK: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Investigating the News: Journalism, Technology & the Future

PWR 1CW: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Sporting Rhetoric: Power, Performance, Profit and Politics

PWR 1ECA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Where I'm From: The Rhetorics of Mapping and Human Geography

PWR 1GMC: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Dancing about Architecture: Or Finding Words for the Wordless

PWR 1IY: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Rhetorics of Travel and Tourism

PWR 1JO: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Join the #LoveArmy: The Rhetoric of Radical Compassion

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