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PWR 1HJ: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Not Just Art: The Rhetoric of Museums

PWR 1JJJ: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Futility

PWR 2AH: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Ethnic Narratives and the Rhetoric of American Identity

PWR 2AO: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Rhetoric and Global Leadership

PWR 2CG: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Sounds of Stanford: Authoring, Archiving, and Podcasting

PWR 2CR: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Communicating Science

PWR 2CW: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Rhetorical Games: Sport (for) Development Policy in the 21st Century

PWR 2DHA: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Action Research: Making Time for Social Change

PWR 2EC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: 'Like' this Class: The Rhetoric of Public Relations

PWR 2EE: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Once Upon a Cause: Producing Picture Books for Local Children

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