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PWR 1YZ: Writing & Rhetoric 1: In the Eyes of Different Beholders: Rhetoric of Beauty across Cultures

PWR 2AB: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Makers, Crafters, Hackers: The Rhetoric of DIY

PWR 2BRC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Re-Make It Anew: The Rhetoric of Adapting, Rebooting, and Remaking

PWR 2CL: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Crime, Media & Law: Critical Approaches to Violence

PWR 2CWB: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Hear/Say: The Art of Rhetorical Listening

PWR 2DHA: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Action Research: Making Time for Social Justice

PWR 2EE: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Once Upon a Cause: Producing Picture Books for Local Children

PWR 2GME: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Our America: Conviction, Passion, Paranoia

PWR 2IY: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Many Faces of Sherlock: Race, Gender, Power, and the Rhetoric of the Detective

PWR 2JDC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Rhetoric of Collaboration: From Fandoms to Entrepreneurs

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