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PWR 2LS: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Comics for Social Justice: The Rhetoric of Sequential Art

PWR 2MFC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: March for Science? Social Justice and the Rhetoric of Science

PWR 2MGE: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Rationality and culture: rhetorics of reason, madness, and science

PWR 2NF: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Language Gone Viral: Investigating the Rhet. of Social Media and Digital Comm.

PWR 2PBC: Writing and Rhetoric 2: Why Do Geniuses Come in all Sizes, Shapes, and Colors?

PWR 2RC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Red Pill or Blue Pill? : The Rhetoric of Drugs

PWR 2RHC: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Speaking

PWR 2RL: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Rhetoric of the Natural and Beyond

PWR 2SC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Are We There Yet?: The Rhetoric of Mobility

PWR 2STA: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Ethics and AI

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