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PWR 1ST: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Biomedical Ethics

PWR 1TSA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: 10,000 Ways That Didn't Work: The Rhetoric of Innovation

PWR 1VK: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Rhetorics of Trauma

PWR 1WG: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Reading Minds: The Rhetoric of Consciousness

PWR 2BR: Writing & Rhetoric 2: "I Feel Your Pain": The Rhetoric of Sympathy

PWR 2CR: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Communicating Science

PWR 2DH: Writing & Rhetoric 2: I ____ Therefore I Am? The Rhetoric of 21st Century Identity

PWR 2EC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: 'Like' this Class: The Rhetoric of Public Relations

PWR 2ELA: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Remix, the Original, and the Voice

PWR 2EV: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Global Politics of Protest and Change

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