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PWR 2HT: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Rhetoric of Jernigan

PWR 2JPB: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Curated Reality: How Media Shape What We Know

PWR 2KDC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Myth and the Contemporary: Talking Across Two Worlds

PWR 2KR: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Rhetoric of Moore

PWR 2KSB: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Design Thinking: Bringing d.thinking to Research, Writing & Presentation

PWR 2KTA: Writing & Rhetoric 2: A Rebel With A Cause: The Rhetoric of Giving a Damn

PWR 2LF: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Rhetoric of Hacking

PWR 2MA: Writing & Rhetoric 2: The Rhetoric of Anwar

PWR 2MFC: Writing & Rhetoric 2: March for Science? Social Justice and the Rhetoric of Science

PWR 2MGD: Writing & Rhetoric 2: Silicon Valley and the Future of Work: Rhetoric of Labor Utopias and Dystopias

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