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PWR 1ABA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Beyond! The Rhetoric of Space Exploration

PWR 1DH: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Virtue of Vice and the Vice of Virtue: The Rhetoric of Criminality

PWR 1EE: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Prowling Toward Certainty: Exploration as Argument

PWR 1HF: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Writing about Social Advocacy in a Networked World

PWR 1HT: Writing & Rhetoric 1: What Are You, Anyway? The Rhetorics of Ethnic and Racial Identity

PWR 1JJA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Languages We Speak: Discourses of Linguistic Diversity and Language Change

PWR 1KD: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Feature Article: Writing and Change

PWR 1KR: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Trust, Rhetoric, and Writing

PWR 1MA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Rhetoric and Social Change

PWR 1NF: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Language 2.0: Investigating the Rhetoric of Digital Language

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