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PSYC 54N: Genes, Memes and Behavior

PSYC 83Q: The Physiology of Addiction in the Modern World

PSYC 136A: Valuescience: Shedding Illusion to Live Better (PSYC 236A)

PSYC 195: Special Laboratory Projects

PSYC 199: Undergraduate Research

PSYC 208: Hypnosis

PSYC 225: Stanford Klingenstein Fellowship Program

PSYC 233: Mindfulness: An Awareness-Based Stress Reduction Program in Medicine

PSYC 236A: Valuescience: Shedding Illusion to Live Better (PSYC 136A)

PSYC 249SI: Psyched: Psychiatry Careers and Mental Health Perspectives for Medicine

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