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POLISCI 18N: Civil War and International Politics: Syria in Context

POLISCI 24Q: Law and Order

POLISCI 25N: The US Congress in Historical and Comparative Perspective

POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations

POLISCI 103: Justice (ETHICSOC 171, IPS 208, PHIL 171, PHIL 271, POLISCI 136S, POLISCI 336S, PUBLPOL 103C, PUBLPOL 307)

POLISCI 114D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (INTNLREL 114D, IPS 230, POLISCI 314D)

POLISCI 118P: U.S. Relations in Iran

POLISCI 120C: What's Wrong with American Government? An Institutional Approach (PUBLPOL 124)

POLISCI 122: Introduction to American Law (AMSTUD 179, PUBLPOL 302A)

POLISCI 124R: The Federal System: Judicial Politics and Constitutional Law

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