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PHYSICS 216: Back of the Envelope Physics

Techniques such as scaling and dimensional analysis, useful to make order-of-magnitude estimates of physical effects in different settings. Goals are to promote a synthesis of physics through solving problems, including problems that are not usually thought of as physics. Applications include properties of materials, fluid mechanics, geophysics, astrophysics, and cosmology. Prerequisites: undergraduate mechanics, statistical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and quantum mechanics.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3
Instructors: Madejski, G. (PI)

PHYSICS 234: Advanced Topics in Quantum Mechanics (PHYSICS 134)

Scattering theory, partial wave expansion, Born approximation. Additional topics may include nature of quantum measurement, EPR paradox, Bell's inequality, and topics in quantum information science; path integrals and applications; Berry's phase; structure of multi-electron atoms (Hartree-Fock); relativistic quantum mechanics (Dirac equation). Undergraduates register for PHYSICS 134 (4 units). Graduate students register for PHYSICS 234 (3 units). Prerequisite: PHYSICS 131.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3-4
Instructors: Stanford, D. (PI)

PHYSICS 262: General Relativity

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is a basis for modern ideas of fundamental physics, including string theory, as well as for studies of cosmology and astrophysics. The course begins with an overview of special relativity, and the description of gravity as arising from curved space. From Riemannian geometry and the geodesic equations, to curvature, the energy-momentum tensor, and the Einstein field equations. Applications of General Relativity: topics may include experimental tests of General Relativity and the weak-field limit, black holes (Schwarzschild, charged Reissner-Nordstrom, and rotating Kerr black holes), gravitational waves (including detection methods), and an introduction to cosmology (including cosmic microwave background radiation, dark energy, and experimental probes). Prerequisite: PHYSICS 121 or equivalent including special relativity.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3
Instructors: Graham, P. (PI)

PHYSICS 290: Research Activities at Stanford

Required of first-year Physics graduate students; suggested for junior or senior Physics majors for 1 unit. Review of research activities in the department and elsewhere at Stanford at a level suitable for entering graduate students.
Terms: Aut | Units: 1

PHYSICS 291: Practical Training

Opportunity for practical training in industrial labs. Arranged by student with the research adviser's approval. A brief summary of activities is required, approved by the research adviser.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-3

PHYSICS 293: Literature of Physics

Study of the literature of any special topic. Preparation, presentation of reports. If taken under the supervision of a faculty member outside the department, approval of the Physics chair required. Prerequisites: 25 units of college physics, consent of instructor.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit

PHYSICS 294: Teaching of Physics Seminar

Weekly seminar/discussions on interactive techniques for teaching physics. Practicum which includes class observations, grading and student teaching in current courses. Required of all Teaching Assistants prior to first teaching assignment. Mandatory attendance at weekly in-class sessions during first 5 weeks of the quarter; mandatory successful completion of all practicum activities. Students who do not hold a US Passport must complete the International Teaching/Course Assistant Screening Exam and be cleared to TA before taking the class. Details: https://language.stanford.edu/programs/efs/languages/english-foreign-students/international-teachingcourse-assistant-screening. Enrollment in PHYS 294 is by permission. To get a permission number please complete form: http://web.stanford.edu/~nanavati/294fall2019.fb If you have not heard from us by the beginning of class, please come to the first class session.
Terms: Aut, Win | Units: 1
Instructors: Nanavati, C. (PI)

PHYSICS 330: Quantum Field Theory I

Lorentz Invariance. S-Matrix. Quantization of scalar and Dirac fields. Feynman diagrams. Quantum electrodynamics. Elementary electrodynamic processes: Compton scattering; e+e- annihilation. Loop diagrams. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 130, PHYSICS 131, or equivalents AND a basic knowledge of Group Theory.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3
Instructors: Senatore, L. (PI)

PHYSICS 361: Cosmology and Extragalactic Astrophysics

Intended as a complement to Ph 362 and Ph 364.nGalaxies (including their nuclei), clusters, stars and backgrounds in the contemporary universe. Geometry, kinematics, dynamics, and physics of the universe at large. Evolution of the universe following the epoch of nucleosynthesis. Epochs of recombination, reionization and first galaxy formation. Fluid and kinetic description of the growth of structure with application to microwave background fluctuations and galaxy surveys. Gravitational lensing. The course will feature interleaved discussion of theory and observation. Undergraduate exposure to general relativity and cosmology at the level of Ph 262 and Ph 161 will be helpful but is not essential.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3

PHYSICS 490: Research

Open only to Physics graduate students, with consent of instructor. Work is in experimental or theoretical problems in research, as distinguished from independent study of a non-research character in 190 and 293.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-18 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Abel, T. (PI) ; Akerib, D. (PI) ; Allen, S. (PI) ; Altman, R. (PI) ; Baer, T. (PI) ; Batzoglou, S. (PI) ; Beasley, M. (PI) ; Bejerano, G. (PI) ; Bhattacharya, J. (PI) ; Blandford, R. (PI) ; Block, S. (PI) ; Bloom, E. (PI) ; Boahen, K. (PI) ; Boneh, D. (PI) ; Boxer, S. (PI) ; Breidenbach, M. (PI) ; Brodsky, S. (PI) ; Bryant, Z. (PI) ; Bucksbaum, P. (PI) ; Burchat, P. (PI) ; Burke, D. (PI) ; Bustamante, C. (PI) ; Byer, R. (PI) ; Cabrera, B. (PI) ; Chao, A. (PI) ; Chatterjee, S. (PI) ; Chichilnisky, E. (PI) ; Chu, S. (PI) ; Church, S. (PI) ; Dai, H. (PI) ; Das, R. (PI) ; Devereaux, T. (PI) ; Dimopoulos, S. (PI) ; Dixon, L. (PI) ; Doniach, S. (PI) ; Drell, P. (PI) ; Dror, R. (PI) ; Druckmann, S. (PI) ; Dunne, M. (PI) ; Ermon, S. (PI) ; Fan, S. (PI) ; Fejer, M. (PI) ; Feldman, B. (PI) ; Fetter, A. (PI) ; Fisher, G. (PI) ; Fisher, I. (PI) ; Fox, J. (PI) ; Frank, M. (PI) ; Friedland, A. (PI) ; Funk, S. (PI) ; Gaffney, K. (PI) ; Ganguli, S. (PI) ; Glenzer, S. (PI) ; Glover, G. (PI) ; Goldhaber-Gordon, D. (PI) ; Gorinevsky, D. (PI) ; Graham, P. (PI) ; Gratta, G. (PI) ; Graves, E. (PI) ; Harbury, P. (PI) ; Harris, J. (PI) ; Hartnoll, S. (PI) ; Hastings, J. (PI) ; Hayden, P. (PI) ; Heinz, T. (PI) ; Hewett, J. (PI) ; Himel, T. (PI) ; Hogan, J. (PI) ; Hollberg, L. (PI) ; Holmes, S. (PI) ; Huang, Z. (PI) ; Huberman, B. (PI) ; Hwang, H. (PI) ; Inan, U. (PI) ; Irwin, K. (PI) ; Jaros, J. (PI) ; Jones, B. (PI) ; Kachru, S. (PI) ; Kahn, S. (PI) ; Kallosh, R. (PI) ; Kamae, T. (PI) ; Kapitulnik, A. (PI) ; Kasevich, M. (PI) ; Khemani, V. (PI) ; Kivelson, S. (PI) ; Kosovichev, A. (PI) ; Kundaje, A. (PI) ; Kuo, C. (PI) ; Laughlin, R. (PI) ; Leith, D. (PI) ; Lev, B. (PI) ; Levin, C. (PI) ; Levitt, M. (PI) ; Linde, A. (PI) ; Lipa, J. (PI) ; Luth, V. (PI) ; Mabuchi, H. (PI) ; Macintosh, B. (PI) ; Madejski, G. (PI) ; Manoharan, H. (PI) ; Mao, W. (PI) ; Markland, T. (PI) ; Melosh, N. (PI) ; Michelson, P. (PI) ; Moerner, W. (PI) ; Moler, K. (PI) ; Nelson, T. (PI) ; Nishi, Y. (PI) ; Osheroff, D. (PI) ; Ozgur Aydin, A. (PI) ; Palanker, D. (PI) ; Pande, V. (PI) ; Papanicolaou, G. (PI) ; Partridge, R. (PI) ; Pelc, N. (PI) ; Perl, M. (PI) ; Peskin, M. (PI) ; Petrosian, V. (PI) ; Pianetta, P. (PI) ; Poon, A. (PI) ; Prinz, F. (PI) ; Qi, X. (PI) ; Quake, S. (PI) ; Raghu, S. (PI) ; Raubenheimer, T. (PI) ; Reed, E. (PI) ; Reis, D. (PI) ; Romani, R. (PI) ; Roodman, A. (PI) ; Rowson, P. (PI) ; Rubinstein, A. (PI) ; Ruth, R. (PI) ; Safavi-Naeini, A. (PI) ; Scherrer, P. (PI) ; Schindler, R. (PI) ; Schleier-Smith, M. (PI) ; Schnitzer, M. (PI) ; Schuster, P. (PI) ; Schwartzman, A. (PI) ; Senatore, L. (PI) ; Shen, Z. (PI) ; Shenker, S. (PI) ; Shutt, T. (PI) ; Sidford, A. (PI) ; Silverstein, E. (PI) ; Smith, T. (PI) ; Spakowitz, A. (PI) ; Spudich, J. (PI) ; Stohr, J. (PI) ; Su, D. (PI) ; Susskind, L. (PI) ; Suzuki, Y. (PI) ; Tanaka, H. (PI) ; Tantawi, S. (PI) ; Thomas, S. (PI) ; Tompkins, L. (PI) ; Toro, N. (PI) ; Vuckovic, J. (PI) ; Vuletic, V. (PI) ; Wacker, J. (PI) ; Wagoner, R. (PI) ; Wechsler, R. (PI) ; Wein, L. (PI) ; Weis, W. (PI) ; Wieman, C. (PI) ; Wojcicki, S. (PI) ; Wong, H. (PI) ; Wootters, M. (PI) ; Yamamoto, Y. (PI) ; Yamins, D. (PI) ; Zhang, S. (PI)
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