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AFRICAST 200: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Tanzania: A Pre-Field Seminar

Goal is to prepare students for an HIV/AIDS prevention, service-learning experience in Tanzania. Topics include: history of HIV/AIDS epidemic globally and in Tanzania; social and economic impact of AIDS; national and societal responses; ethical issues in crosscultural service learning; teaching for prevention; biology of HIV transmission, disease progression, and prevention; introduction to Tanzanian history and politics; HIV/AIDS and development; social, cultural, and economic context of HIV risk; and strategies for HIV prevention in Tanzania.
Terms: Spr | Units: 1 | Grading: Satisfactory/No Credit

CS 192: Programming Service Project

Restricted to Computer Science students. Appropriate academic credit (without financial support) is given for volunteer computer programming work of public benefit and educational value.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-4 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: Aiken, A. (PI) ; Altman, R. (PI) ; Baker, M. (PI) ; Barbagli, F. (PI) ; Batzoglou, S. (PI) ; Bejerano, G. (PI) ; Bernstein, M. (PI) ; Boneh, D. (PI) ; Bradski, G. (PI) ; Brafman, R. (PI) ; Cain, J. (PI) ; Cao, P. (PI) ; Cheriton, D. (PI) ; Cooper, S. (PI) ; Dally, B. (PI) ; De-Micheli, G. (PI) ; Dill, D. (PI) ; Dwork, C. (PI) ; Engler, D. (PI) ; Fedkiw, R. (PI) ; Feigenbaum, E. (PI) ; Fikes, R. (PI) ; Fisher, K. (PI) ; Fogg, B. (PI) ; Fox, A. (PI) ; Garcia-Molina, H. (PI) ; Genesereth, M. (PI) ; Gill, J. (PI) ; Girod, B. (PI) ; Goel, A. (PI) ; Guibas, L. (PI) ; Hanrahan, P. (PI) ; Heer, J. (PI) ; Hennessy, J. (PI) ; Horowitz, M. (PI) ; Johari, R. (PI) ; Johnson, M. (PI) ; Jurafsky, D. (PI) ; Katti, S. (PI) ; Kay, M. (PI) ; Khatib, O. (PI) ; Klemmer, S. (PI) ; Koller, D. (PI) ; Koltun, V. (PI) ; Konolige, K. (PI) ; Kozyrakis, C. (PI) ; Lam, M. (PI) ; Latombe, J. (PI) ; Leskovec, J. (PI) ; Levis, P. (PI) ; Levitt, M. (PI) ; Levoy, M. (PI) ; Li, F. (PI) ; Manna, Z. (PI) ; Manning, C. (PI) ; Mazieres, D. (PI) ; McCarthy, J. (PI) ; McCluskey, E. (PI) ; McKeown, N. (PI) ; Meng, T. (PI) ; Mitchell, J. (PI) ; Motwani, R. (PI) ; Musen, M. (PI) ; Nass, C. (PI) ; Nayak, P. (PI) ; Ng, A. (PI) ; Nilsson, N. (PI) ; Olukotun, O. (PI) ; Ousterhout, J. (PI) ; Parlante, N. (PI) ; Plotkin, S. (PI) ; Plummer, R. (PI) ; Prabhakar, B. (PI) ; Pratt, V. (PI) ; Raghavan, P. (PI) ; Rajaraman, A. (PI) ; Roberts, E. (PI) ; Rosenblum, M. (PI) ; Roughgarden, T. (PI) ; Sahami, M. (PI) ; Salisbury, J. (PI) ; Schwarz, K. (PI) ; Shoham, Y. (PI) ; Thrun, S. (PI) ; Tobagi, F. (PI) ; Trevisan, L. (PI) ; Ullman, J. (PI) ; Van Roy, B. (PI) ; Widom, J. (PI) ; Wiederhold, G. (PI) ; Williams, R. (PI) ; Winograd, T. (PI) ; Young, P. (PI) ; Zelenski, J. (PI)

EARTH 5: Geokids: Earth Sciences Education

Service learning through the Geokids program. Eight weeks of supervised teaching to early elementary students about Earth sciences. Hands-on teaching strategies for science standards-based instruction.
Terms: Aut, Spr | Units: 1 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Satisfactory/No Credit
Instructors: Saltzman, J. (PI)

EDUC 126A: Introduction to Public Service Leadership

Offered through the Haas Center for Public Service. A foundation and vision for a future of public service leadership. Students identify personal values and assess strengths as leaders. The ethics of public service and leadership theory.
Terms: Win | Units: 1-2 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: Lobo, K. (PI)

EDUC 126B: Public Service Leadership Program Practicum

This course is for students in the Public Service Leadership Program offered through the Haas Center for Public Service. The PSLP Practicum provides an opportunity for PSLP students to reflect on their own leadership experiences and to learn from each other's leadership experiences while continuing to build a community of peer service leaders. The PSLP Practicum will meet every other week throughout the quarter.
Terms: Spr | Units: 1 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: Lobo, K. (PI)

EMED 125: Social Emergency Medicine and Community Engagement

Stanford Health Advocates and Research in the Emergency Department (SHAR(ED)) is focused on the practical application of and research in social emergency medicine.Emergency Departments (EDs) are the nation's safety nets, for medical as well as social needs. EDs remain the sole access to any medical care for those in need, 24/7, regardless of insurance status. The ED is a unique bridge to the public, and is a compelling site for community partnership, clinical and health services research geared towards impacting population health and policy. Through direct patient contact and community engagement, students help to meet the social needs of ED patients.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 1 | Grading: Satisfactory/No Credit

ENGR 118: Cross-Cultural Design for Service

Students spend the summer in China working collaboratively to use design thinking for a project in the countryside. Students learn and apply the principles of design innovation including user research, ideation, prototyping, storytelling and more in a cross cultural setting to design a product or service that will benefit Chinese villagers. Students should be prepared to work independently in a developing region of China, to deal with persistent ambiguity, and to work with a cross-cultural, diverse team of students on their projects. Applications for Summer 2012 were due in March.
Terms: Sum | Units: 3 | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)

ETHICSOC 133: Ethics and Politics of Public Service (CSRE 178, HUMBIO 178, PHIL 175A, PHIL 275A, POLISCI 133, PUBLPOL 103D, URBANST 122)

Ethical and political questions in public service work, including volunteering, service learning, humanitarian assistance, and public service professions such as medicine and teaching. Motives and outcomes in service work. Connections between service work and justice. Is mandatory service an oxymoron? History of public service in the U.S. Issues in crosscultural service work. Integration with the Haas Center for Public Service to connect service activities and public service aspirations with academic experiences at Stanford.
Terms: Spr | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: GER:DB-SocSci, WAY-ED, WAY-ER | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit

FAMMED 281A: L-CHAMP Longitudinal Community Health Advocacy Medical Partnership

This course is designed for students who wish to have sustained early clinical experience throughout their pre-clerkship years. The Longitudinal Community Health Advocacy Medical Partnership (L-CHAMP) is part of the SHIELD program. The course initiates with one-hour intensive health coaching training sessions, quarterly skill-based sessions, such as motivational interviewing, medication reconciliation, and leadership, as well as monthly seminars on topics, including health coaching integration, service projects, and patient-centered care, etc. L-CHAMP is a collaborative effort between Center for Education and Research in Family and Community Medicine and the Office of Community Health. Enrollment limited to first-year MD students.
Terms: Aut | Units: 2 | Grading: Medical School MD Grades
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