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OSPMADRD 8B: Debating Design: Spanish and International Fashion

OSPMADRD 11: Directed Reading on Spanish Language

OSPMADRD 12M: Accelerated Second-Year Spanish I

OSPMADRD 13M: Accelerated Second-Year Spanish II

OSPMADRD 14: Introduction to Spanish Culture

OSPMADRD 15: Flamenco Dance

OSPMADRD 17: Directed Reading on Catalan, Galizian, or Basque Languages

OSPMADRD 18: Exploring Music and Society: Understanding Flamenco

OSPMADRD 43: The Jacobean Star Way and Europe: Society, Politics and Culture

OSPMADRD 47: Cultural Relations between Spain and the United States:Historical Perceptions and Influences, 1776-2

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