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OSPKYOTO 29: The Culinary Arts of Japan

OSPKYOTO 37: Kyoto Artisans in the 21st Century

OSPKYOTO 39: Capturing Concepts: A Photographic Exploration of the Origins of Kanji

OSPKYOTO 40M: An Intro to Making: What is EE

OSPKYOTO 41: Queer Culture and Life in Japan

OSPKYOTO 42: Gardens of Kyoto: Spaces of Aesthetic and Spiritual Contemplation

OSPKYOTO 44: The Zen of Japanese Design: Wa Concepts and their Creative Application

OSPKYOTO 51: Salsa in Japan:Musical Migrations and Cultural Hybridity

OSPKYOTO 52: Topic in Peruvian Nikkei History, Art and Literature

OSPKYOTO 58: A Journey into the Buddhist Visual Arts of Japan

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