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SOMGEN 260: Preparing for Community, Health and Learning through Service in Sri Lanka

SOMGEN 272: Narrative Ethics and Medicine

No schedule information

SOMGEN 275: Leading Value Improvement in Health Care Delivery

SOMGEN 282: The Startup Garage: Design (CHEMENG 482)

SOMGEN 284: The Startup Garage: Testing and Launch (CHEMENG 484)

SOMGEN 299: SPRC Education Program Internship

SPANLANG 122M: Spanish for Medical Students (HRP 281)

STATS 211: Meta-research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-analysis (CHPR 206, HRP 206, MED 206)

STEMREM 83Q: The Stem Cell: Biological, Social, and Practical Aspects of Stem Cell Research

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STEMREM 200: Stem Cell Intensive

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