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HRP 212: Cross Cultural Medicine

HRP 235: Designing Research-Based Interventions to Solve Global Health Problems (AFRICAST 135, AFRICAST 235, EDUC 135, EDUC 335, HUMBIO 26, MED 235)

HRP 238: Genes and Environment in Disease Causation: Implications for Medicine and Public Health (HUMBIO 159)

HRP 243: Health Policy Seminar: Population Health

HRP 245: Intensive Course in Clinical Research

HRP 263: Advanced Decision Science Methods and Modeling in Health (MED 263)

HRP 265: Advanced Methods for Meta-Analysis

HRP 281: Spanish for Medical Students (SPANLANG 122M)

HRP 296: Current Topics in Bioethics

No schedule information

HRP 299: Directed Reading in Health Research and Policy

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