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HISTORY 248D: Histories of Race in Science and Medicine at Home and Abroad (AFRICAAM 122F, AFRICAST 122F, CSRE 122F)

HISTORY 340G: Science and Empire, 1500-1900 (HISTORY 240G)

HISTORY 342F: Medicine in an Age of Empires (HISTORY 242F)

HISTORY 349: Bodies, Technologies, and Natures in Africa (AFRICAST 249, ANTHRO 348B)

HISTORY 444: Graduate Research Seminar: Gender in Science, Medicine, and Engineering (FEMGEN 444)

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HISTORY 444C: The History of the Body in Science, Medicine, and Culture (HISTORY 244C)

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HISTORY 492B: Origins of Technical Medicine in the Han Dynasty

HRP 89Q: Introduction to Cross Cultural Issues in Medicine

HRP 206: Meta-research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-analysis (CHPR 206, MED 206, STATS 211)

HRP 210: Health Law and Policy

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