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CLASSICS 14: Greek and Latin Roots of English

CLASSICS 34: Ancient Athletics

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CLASSICS 123: Ancient Medicine

CLASSICS 124: Ancient and Modern Medicine

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CME 106: Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers (ENGR 155C)

CME 279: Computational Biology: Structure and Organization of Biomolecules and Cells (BIOE 279, BIOMEDIN 279, BIOPHYS 279, CS 279)

CME 371: Computational Biology in Four Dimensions (BIOMEDIN 371, BIOPHYS 371, CS 371)

No schedule information

COMM 177C: Specialized Writing and Reporting: Health and Science Journalism (COMM 277C, EARTHSYS 177C, EARTHSYS 277C)

COMM 277C: Specialized Writing and Reporting: Health and Science Journalism (COMM 177C, EARTHSYS 177C, EARTHSYS 277C)

COMPMED 11SC: Life in the Zoo: Behavior, Welfare and Enrichment

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