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MUSIC 333: Food, Text, Music: A Multidisciplinary Lab on the Art of Feasting (FRENCH 166, FRENCH 366, MUSIC 133)

MUSIC 341: Ph.D Dissertation

MUSIC 351A: Seminar in Music Perception and Cognition I

MUSIC 351B: Seminar in Music Perception and Cognition II: Musical Gesture

No schedule information

MUSIC 364: Data-Driven Research in Music Cognition

MUSIC 385: Music Across Media: Music Video to Postclassical Cinema (FILMSTUD 141, FILMSTUD 341, MUSIC 185)

No schedule information

MUSIC 390: Practicum Internship

MUSIC 399: D.M.A. Final Project

MUSIC 408C: Architecture, Acoustics and Ritual in Byzantium (ARTHIST 208C, ARTHIST 408C, CLASSICS 175, MUSIC 208C, REES 208C, REES 408C, RELIGST 208C, RELIGST 308C)

No schedule information

MUSIC 420A: Signal Processing Models in Musical Acoustics

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