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MED 1A: Leadership in Multicultural Health

MED 51Q: Palliative Medicine, Hospice and End of Life Care for Diverse Americans

MED 149: Medical Interpreting at the Cardinal Free Clinics: The Qualified Bilingual Student Program

MED 157: Foundations for Community Health Engagement

MED 158B: From Foodies to Freegans Practicum

MED 160: Physician Shadowing: Stanford Immersion in Medicine Series (SIMS)

MED 182: Early Clinical Experience at the Cardinal Free Clinics (MED 282)

MED 199: Undergraduate Research

MED 213: Compassion Cultivation for the Physician-in-Training

MED 220: Literature and Human Experimentation (AFRICAAM 223, COMPLIT 223, CSRE 123B, HUMBIO 175H)

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