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LAW 805Z: Policy Practicum: Supporting INTERPOL's Efforts to Combat Transnational Crime

LAW 806Y: Policy Practicum: Justice By Design: Eviction + Debt Collection

LAW 806Z: Policy Practicum: "Every Vote Counts" Voting Verification Project

LAW 807A: Policy Practicum: Federal Indian Law: Yurok Legal Assistance

LAW 807B: Policy Practicum: What we can do to Mitigate Climate Warming

LAW 807C: Policy Practicum: Donor Advised Funds and Their Critics

LAW 807D: Policy Practicum: Post-Ferguson Civil Rights Enforcement

LAW 807E: Policy Practicum: Redesigning the Venezuelan Judiciary: The Venezuelan Constitutional Crisis

LAW 807F: Policy Practicum: Assessing Alternative Approaches to Hate Crimes

LAW 807G: Policy Practicum: The Santa Clara County Litigation & Policy Partnership (SCCLPP)

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