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JEWISHST 3C: Talking About Jews (HISTORY 3C)

JEWISHST 4N: A World History of Genocide (HISTORY 4N)

No schedule information

JEWISHST 5: Biblical Greek (CLASSICS 6G, RELIGST 171A)

JEWISHST 5B: Biblical Greek (CLASSICS 7G)

JEWISHST 5G: Intensive Biblical Greek (RELIGST 171X)

No schedule information

JEWISHST 13C: Talking About Jews (HISTORY 13C)

JEWISHST 18N: Religion and Politics: Comparing Europe to the U.S. (RELIGST 18N)

No schedule information

JEWISHST 19N: Everyone Eats: Food, Religion and Culture (CSRE 19N, RELIGST 19N)

JEWISHST 37Q: Zionism and the Novel (COMPLIT 37Q)

JEWISHST 38A: Germany and the World Wars, 1870-1990 (HISTORY 38A)

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