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HISTORY 307: Transpacific History

This graduate seminar will explore the growing field of Transpacific History by reading both foundational texts and cutting-edge scholarship on the topic. Our thematic focus will be on Pacific empires, specifically the United States and Japan. The seminar will investigate previously overlooked connections rather than well-known rivalries and conflicts between the two Pacific powers through commodity flows, migration, and scientific and technological exchange as well as Cold War politics.
Terms: Spr | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Uchida, J. (PI)

HISTORY 307B: The Irish and the World (HISTORY 207B)

"When anyone asks me about the Irish character, I say look at the trees. Maimed, stark and misshapen, but ferociously tenacious." The writer Edna O'Brien's portrait of Irish life encapsulates a history shaped by colonialism, famine, forced migration, and enduring political struggle. This course explores the global story of Ireland, a small land of 4.8 million that since 1800 has produced a diaspora of some 10 million people worldwide. Colonized and colonizers, freedom fighters and slave-owners, the starving and the wealthy, pious and irreverent-- the Irish reveal their past through memoirs, poetry, novels, music, film, and television.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4-5

HISTORY 307C: The Global Early Modern (HISTORY 207C)

In what sense can we speak of "globalization" before modernity? What are the characteristics and origins of the economic system we know as "capitalism"? When and why did European economies begin to diverge from those of other Eurasian societies? With these big questions in mind, the primary focus will be on the history of Europe and European empires, but substantial readings deal with other parts of the world, particularly China and the Indian Ocean. HISTORY 307C is a prerequisite for HISTORY 402 (Spring quarter).
Terms: Win | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Como, D. (PI)

HISTORY 307D: Transhistory Colloquium (FEMGEN 207D, FEMGEN 307D, HISTORY 207D)

Colloquium on the history of transgender practices and identities. Readings will include scholarly texts from the emerging historical field of transhistory as well as adjacent fields within gender history. Colloquium will investigate avenues for deepening transhistory through further historical inquiry.
Last offered: Spring 2022
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