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HISTORY 306: Beyond Borders: Approaches to Transnational History

This core colloquium for the Transnational, International, and Global (TIG) field will introduce students to the major historiographical trends, methodological challenges, and theoretical approaches to studying and writing transnational histories.
Terms: Win | Units: 4-5

HISTORY 306A: City, Society, Literature- 19th Century Histories (HISTORY 206A, URBANST 106)

This course examines the rise of modern cities through an analysis of urban society and the imaginative literature of the 1800s.
Last offered: Spring 2014

HISTORY 306D: World History: Graduate Colloquium

How do historians engage the global scale in the classroom as well as in research? The world history canon including Toynbee, McNeill, Braudel, Wolf, and Wallerstein; contrasting approaches, recent research, and resources for teaching. Recommended: concurrent enrollment in HISTORY 306K.
Last offered: Spring 2020

HISTORY 306F: Identities and Identification in the Atlantic World

How identities and processes of identification changed in Europe, Africa, and the Americas during the early modern period and as a result of the engagement of the inhabitants of these three continents in the Atlantic world.

HISTORY 306G: Colonial Law

Examines the relationship between law and colonialism in Latin America, Africa and Asia during both the early modern and the modern period. By reading some of the seminal works that have been published on this issue, we will seek to understand how law both facilitated and limited colonialism and how colonialism, in turn, had modified the legal systems that had existed previously. Attention will also be given to law an an acculturating agent and to the legal arena as a sphere for conflict resolution, negotiation,and identity formation.

HISTORY 306K: World History Pedagogy Workshop

Students draft a syllabus and create a curriculum module for use in a world history lecture course. Corequisite: HISTORY 306D, recommended.
Last offered: Spring 2020
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