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HISTORY 305: Graduate Pedagogy Workshop

Required of first-year History Ph.D. students. Perspectives on pedagogy for historians: course design, lecturing, leading discussion, evaluation of student learning, use of technology in teaching lectures and seminars. Addressing today's classroom: sexual harassment issues, integrating diversity, designing syllabi to include students with disabilities.
Terms: Win | Units: 1
Instructors: Frank, Z. (PI)

HISTORY 305D: Global Urban History

This graduate readings course considers the work of historians working at the crossroads of urban history and global history, with particular attention to the role of the urban setting as both product and producer of social and spatial relations of power locally and globally. Our primary aim will be to examine the variety of geographical scopes and theoretical inspirations that guide the recent subfield of ¿global urban history.¿ Students will also grapple with the unique set of research challenges that these historians face, including utilizing hyper-local archives to evince larger-scale and the difficulty of engaging with a variety of historiographies on colonialism, globalization, network societies, urban systems, and global cities.
Terms: Win | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Regalado, P. (PI)

HISTORY 305E: Comparative Historical Development of Latin America and East Asia (HISTORY 205E, ILAC 267E)

(Graduate students must enroll for 5 units.) Students will analyze, in historical perspective, the similarities and differences between the development of Latin America and East Asia from early modern times to the present. Focusing primarily on Brazil and Mexico, on one hand, and China and Japan, on the other, topics will include the impact of colonial and postcolonial relationships on the development of states, markets, and classes, as well as geopolitical, social, cultural, technological and environmental factors that shaped, and were shaped by, them.
Last offered: Spring 2022

HISTORY 305K: The Age of Revolution: America, France, and Haiti (AFRICAAM 205K, HISTORY 205K)

( History 205K is an undergraduate course offered for 5 units; History 305K is a graduate course offered for 4-5 units.) This course examines the "Age of Revolution," spanning the 18th and 19th centuries. Primarily, this course will focus on the American, French, and Haitian Revolutions (which overthrew both French and white planter rule). Taken together, these events reshaped definitions of citizenship, property, and government. But could republican principles-- color-blind in rhetoric-- be so in fact? Could nations be both republican and pro-slavery? Studying a wide range of primary materials, this course will explore the problem of revolution in an age of empires, globalization, and slavery.
Last offered: Winter 2020

HISTORY 305L: Prostitution & Sex Trafficking: Regulating Morality and the Status of Women (FEMGEN 305L)

Examines governmental policies toward prostitution from the late 19th century to the present. Focuses on the underlying attitudes, assumptions, strategies, and consequences of various historical and current legal frameworks regulating prostitution, including: prohibitionism, abolitionism, legalization, partial decriminalization, and full decriminalization. Special focus on these policies' effects on sex trafficking, sex worker rights, and the status of women. Emphasis on Europe and the U.S., with additional cases from across the globe.
Last offered: Spring 2021

HISTORY 305M: Silicon Valley in 10 Objects (HISTORY 205M)

Have you ever wanted to curate a museum exhibition, or explore alternative ways of studying history, beyond the term paper or article? In this hands-on class, we will research and design a real museum exhibition, to be staged at the Silicon Valley Archives inside Green Library. Students will learn archival research methods, design and build exhibition cases and panels, the theory and practice of museum curation. Students will create individual projected, centered around the core theme of the class: the global history of information technology and Silicon Valley.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Mullaney, T. (PI)
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