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HISTORY 303: Premodern Economic Cultures (HISTORY 203)

Modern economists have made a science of studying the aggregate effects of individual choices. This science is based on the realities of personal freedom and individual choice. Prior to the modern era, however, different realities comprised very different economic cultures: moral economies in which greed was evil and generosity benefitted the patron¿s soul; familial collectives operating within historical conditioned diasporas; economies of obligation that threatened to collapse under their own weight as economic structures shifted. In this course we will be reading cross-culturally to develop an understanding of the shared and distinct elements of premodern economic cultures.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Stokes, L. (PI)

HISTORY 303C: History of Ignorance

Scholars pay a lot of attention to knowledge--how it arises and impacts society--but much less attention has been given to ignorance, even though its impacts are equally profound. Here we explore the political history of ignorance, through case studies including: corporate denials of harms from particular products (tobacco, asbestos), climate change denialism, and creationist rejections of Darwinian evolution. Students will be expected to produce a research paper tracing the origins and impact of a particular form of ignorance.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Proctor, R. (PI)

HISTORY 303E: Infrastructure & Power in the Global South (AFRICAST 303E, ANTHRO 303E)

In the last decade, the field of infrastructure studies has entered into conversation with area studies, post/colonial studies, and other scholarship on the "Global South." These intersections have produced dramatic new understandings of what "infrastructures" are, and how to analyze them as conduits of social and political power. This course offers a graduate-level introduction to this recent scholarship, drawing primarily on works from history, anthropology, geography, and architecture.
Last offered: Winter 2019

HISTORY 303F: Words and Things in the History of Classical Scholarship (CLASSICS 331)

How have scholars used ancient texts and objects since the revival of the classical tradition? How did antiquarians study and depict objects and relate them to texts and reconstructions of the past? What changed and what stayed the same as humanist scholarship gave way to professional archaeologists, historians, and philologists? Focus is on key works in the history of classics, such as Erasmus and Winckelmann, in their scholarly, cultural, and political contexts, and recent critical trends in intellectual history and the history of disciplines.
Last offered: Winter 2019

HISTORY 303K: Trauma and History: Intergenerational suffering and collective healing

This course will examine trauma as a historical process, following the intergenerational impacts of history's darker dramas, analyzing collective strategies for coping and healing after trauma, and asking whether we can speak of "traumatized societies." Readings for graduate students will include Ben Shephard's A War of Nerves, Didier Fassin and Richard Rechtman's The Empire of Trauma, and selections from Yael Danieli, ed., Intergenerational Handbook of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma. Colloquium will be discussion-oriented, but will also include guest discussants from around the world. The course will culminate in a conference to be held at Stanford, June 4-6: "Soul Wounds: Trauma and Healing Across Generations." Undergraduate requirements for 1 credit: Attend weekly "Mind, Body, and Culture" workshop and first hour of Wednesday morning discussion, attend some part of conference on June 4-6. Graduate requirements for 4-5 credits: Attend workshop, read weekly, discussion on Wednesday mornings, write a paper and if desired present at conference.
Last offered: Spring 2015
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