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HISTORY 239J: Work and Leisure in Nineteenth Century Britain (HISTORY 339J)

HISTORY 239K: Sex, Death, and God in Modern Europe (HISTORY 339K)

HISTORY 240: The History of Evolution (HISTORY 340)

HISTORY 242D: Knowledge and Information Infrastructures (STS 166)

No schedule information

HISTORY 242G: Spaces and Practices of Natural History (HISTORY 342G)

HISTORY 243C: People, Plants, and Medicine: Colonial Science and Medicine (HISTORY 343C)

HISTORY 243G: Tobacco and Health in World History (HISTORY 343G)

HISTORY 243S: Human Origins: History, Evidence, and Controversy (HISTORY 443A)

No schedule information

HISTORY 244C: The History of the Body in Science, Medicine, and Culture (HISTORY 444C)

No schedule information

HISTORY 244F: Beyond Pink and Blue: Gender in Tech (FEMGEN 344F, HISTORY 344F)

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