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HISTORY 224D: The Soviet Civilization, Part 2 (HISTORY 424B)

HISTORY 225: The Russian Empire Between Europe and Asia (HISTORY 325, REES 325)

HISTORY 226E: Famine in the Modern World (HISTORY 326E, PEDS 226)

HISTORY 227: East European Women and War in the 20th Century (FEMGEN 227, HISTORY 327)

HISTORY 227D: All Quiet on the Eastern Front? East Europe and Russia in the First World War (HISTORY 327D, REES 227, REES 327)

HISTORY 228: Circles of Hell: Poland in World War II (HISTORY 328, JEWISHST 282, JEWISHST 382)

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HISTORY 230A: The Witness in Modern History: Memoir, Reportage, Image

No schedule information

HISTORY 230D: Europe in the World, 1789-Present (HISTORY 330D)

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HISTORY 230F: Surveillance in Modern Europe (HISTORY 330F)

HISTORY 231A: European Security during the Cold War (HISTORY 431A, POLISCI 216A, POLISCI 416A)

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