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HISTORY 261G: Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History (INTNLREL 173)

HISTORY 264: History of Prisons and Immigration Detention (AMSTUD 264, CSRE 264, HISTORY 364)

HISTORY 269F: Modern American History: From Civil Rights to Human Rights (HISTORY 369F)

HISTORY 280B: The Birth of Islam: Authority, Community, and Resistance (GLOBAL 134, GLOBAL 234, HISTORY 380B)

HISTORY 284E: Contemporary Muslim Political Thought (HISTORY 384E)

HISTORY 286D: Yours in Struggle: African Americans and Jews in the 20th Century U.S. (JEWISHST 286D)

HISTORY 297G: Rulers, Reformers, Radicals: History of India in Two Centuries

HISTORY 299A: Senior Research I

HISTORY 299B: Senior Research II

HISTORY 299C: Senior Research III

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