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HISTORY 231G: European Reformations (HISTORY 331G, RELIGST 231, RELIGST 331)

HISTORY 232G: Early Modern Cities (HISTORY 332G)

HISTORY 233C: Two British Revolutions (HISTORY 333C)

HISTORY 235D: When Worlds Collide: The Trial of Galileo (HISTORY 335D, ITALIAN 233, ITALIAN 333)

HISTORY 236J: A Tour of Dangerous Ideas: Radical Thinkers in Modern Europe (HISTORY 336J)

HISTORY 237D: The French Revolution and the Birth of Modern Politics (HISTORY 337D)

HISTORY 242G: Spaces and Practices of Natural History (HISTORY 342G)

HISTORY 243G: Tobacco and Health in World History (HISTORY 343G)

HISTORY 246F: The African State: An Inconvenient History

HISTORY 252B: Diplomacy on the Ground: Case Studies in the Challenges of Representing Your Country (INTNLREL 174)

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