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HISTORY 264D: Modern America in Historical Perspective (SIW 185)

Last offered: Autumn 2018

HISTORY 267E: Martin Luther King, Jr. - His Life, Ideas, and Legacy (AFRICAAM 267E, AMSTUD 267E)

Using the unique documentary resources and publications of Stanford's King Research and Education Institute, this course will provide a general introduction to King's life, visionary ideas, and historical significance. In addition to lectures and discussions, the course will include presentations of documentaries such as Eyes on the Prize. Students will be expected to read the required texts, participate in class discussions, and submit a research paper or an audio-visual project developed in consultation with the professor.
Last offered: Winter 2015

HISTORY 269F: Modern American History: From Civil Rights to Human Rights (HISTORY 369F)

( History 269F is an undergraduate course offered for 5 units; History 369F is a graduate course offered for 4-5 units.) This focuses on American social justice movements during the years since the passage of landmark civil rights legislation during the 1960s, with particular emphasis on efforts to extend rights to all people.
Terms: Aut | Units: 5
Instructors: Carson, C. (PI)

HISTORY 270E: Queer History of the Americas (HISTORY 370E)

This course will examine LGBT history in the Americas. It traces the development of homosexuality as a category of analysis; the construction of trans identity; the ways in which same-sex desire and gender identity were regulated over time; and queer people's struggles for recognition, liberation, and, ultimately, rights.

HISTORY 270F: History of the Police in the United States

How did police come to have the power to use violence? Who counts as a police officer and why? Topics include: growth of professional policing, creation of private police forces and vigilantism, slave patrols, political economy of policing, global policing, and cultural depictions of police. The entanglement of race, class, gender, and state power with police work is central.
Terms: Spr | Units: 5
Instructors: Adams, B. (PI)

HISTORY 271: Mexicans in the United States (AMSTUD 271, CHILATST 171, CSRE 171H)

This course explores the lives and experiences of Mexicans living in the United States, from 1848 to the present. Themes and topics include: the legacies of colonialism, the Mexican-American War, transnational migration, the effects of economic stratification, race and racialization, and the impact of sexual and gender ideologies on the lives of Mexicans residing north of the border.
Last offered: Spring 2015

HISTORY 273: The European Expansion (HISTORY 373A)

The relationship between European monarchies and their colonial domains from the 16th-18th centuries. Reasons for expansion, methods, and results. Case studies include the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English domains in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Readings include primary and secondary sources.

HISTORY 273E: The Emergence of Nations in Latin America: Independence Through 1880 (HISTORY 373E)

This course provides an introduction to the main themes of nineteenth-century Latin American history, including independence from Spain, the emergence of various nation-states, and the development of a new social, political, and economic order in the region
Last offered: Winter 2016

HISTORY 274C: The History of Mexicans and Mexican Americans (CHILATST 274, HISTORY 374C)

This course will explore the history of Mexican migrants and Mexican Americans from 1848 to the present.
Terms: Win | Units: 5

HISTORY 274E: Urban Poverty and Inequality in Latin America

We examine historical issues of social inequality, poverty, crime, industrialization, globalization, and environment in major Latin American cities.
Last offered: Spring 2015 | UG Reqs: WAY-ED, WAY-SI
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