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HISTORY 399E: Preparing for International Field Research: Public Svc or Research, Electronic Version

Restricted to students studying at a Stanford Overseas Studies campus; same course content as HISTORY 299X. Problems involved in research abroad: ethical issues; safety; security and conduct; human subjects protocol. Methodologies of research: interviewing, networking, case studies, participant observation, large surveys. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
Last offered: Spring 2012

HISTORY 399P: Archives-Based Teaching Practicum

Through hands-on exercises and key readings, students will learn about basic archival handling techniques, usage guidelines, security issues, principles of archival organization, and bibliographic literacy around archival and Special Collections materials, along with an insiders tour of Stanford University Special Collections. During the second, students will partake in a hands-on session using Special Collections materials, with a class session enactment that demonstrates the program¿s concepts. Note: Enrollment only open to PhD students (ANY department) with instructor permission required.
Terms: Spr | Units: 1
Instructors: Mullaney, T. (PI)

HISTORY 399T: Tough Questions (HISTORY 299T)

A H&S initiative course.

HISTORY 399W: Graduate Directed Reading

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-10 | Repeatable for credit

HISTORY 401A: Spatial History: Concepts, Methods, Problems (HISTORY 201B)

What can digital mapping and spatial analysis bring to history? How have historians written spatial history in the past? How do scholars in other disciplines deal with space and what can we learn from them? The course provides students with conceptual and technical skills in spatial history. As part of the exercise to think spatially about the past, students will receive training in Geographic Informational Science (GIS) and develop their own spatial history projects. No prior technical skills are needed for this course.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 4-5

HISTORY 401B: Spatial History, Part II

Prerequisite: 401A.
Last offered: Winter 2009

HISTORY 402: Graduate Research Seminar: Early Modern History

Students may research any aspect of late medieval or early modern history, c. 1350-1800. Focus on early modern Europe, but open to students in all fields of late medieval/early modern history. Students wishing to take this seminar must enroll in History 307C (The Global Early Modern) or History 333 (From Reformation to Civil War: England under the Tudors and Stuarts) in Winter 2017.
Terms: Spr | Units: 4-5
Instructors: Como, D. (PI)

HISTORY 406: Graduate Research Seminar on Colonial Law

Prerequisite: HISTORY 306G.

HISTORY 414A: Medieval History

Last offered: Winter 2008 | Repeatable for credit

HISTORY 414B: Medieval History

Last offered: Spring 2008 | Repeatable for credit
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