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FEMGEN 5S: Comparative Partitions: Pakistan, Israel, and the Modern World (HISTORY 5S)

FEMGEN 102: Art and Social Criticism (AFRICAAM 102B, AMSTUD 102, ARTHIST 162B, CSRE 102A)

FEMGEN 104B: Senior Seminar and Practicum

FEMGEN 105: Honors Work

FEMGEN 107S: Barbie Girls vs Sea Monsters: Gender, Sexuality, & Identity in American Culture

FEMGEN 108: Internship in Feminist Studies

FEMGEN 110J: Romance, Desire, and Sexuality in Modern Japanese Literature (FEMGEN 210J, JAPAN 110, JAPAN 210)

FEMGEN 111: Reproductive Politics in the United States and Abroad (AMSTUD 111)

FEMGEN 116: Narrating Queer Trauma (FEMGEN 216X)

FEMGEN 138: Men's Violence Against Women in Literature: A Critical and Social Analysis (FEMGEN 238)

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