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ESS 10SC: In the Age of the Anthropocene: Coupled-Human Natural Systems of Southeast Alaska

ESS 38N: The Worst Journey in the World: The Science, Literature, and History of Polar Exploration (EARTHSYS 38N, GEOLSCI 38N)

ESS 40: Approaching Palau: Preparation and Research Ideation and Development (CEE 40)

ESS 46N: Exploring the Critical Interface between the Land and Monterey Bay: Elkhorn Slough (EARTHSYS 46N)

ESS 86N: The Most Rational People in the World

ESS 102: Scientific Basis of Climate Change (ESS 202)

ESS 106: World Food Economy (EARTHSYS 106, EARTHSYS 206, ECON 106, ECON 206, ESS 206)

ESS 108: Research Preparation for Undergraduates

ESS 109: Biological and Social Networks (ESS 209)

ESS 111: Biology and Global Change (BIO 117, EARTHSYS 111)

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