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ENGLISH 9CE: Creative Expression in Writing

ENGLISH 9CT: Special Topics in Creative Expression

ENGLISH 10A: Introduction to English I: Medieval and Renaissance Lives

ENGLISH 11A: Introduction to English II: From Milton to the Romantics

ENGLISH 48N: The American Songbook and Love Poetry

ENGLISH 51N: The Sisters: Poetry & Painting (ARTHIST 160N)

ENGLISH 52N: Mixed-Race Politics and Culture (AFRICAAM 52N, POLISCI 29N)

ENGLISH 67: Contemporary Chicano & Latino Literature (CHILATST 67)

ENGLISH 81: Philosophy and Literature (CLASSICS 42, COMPLIT 181, FRENCH 181, GERMAN 181, ITALIAN 181, PHIL 81, SLAVIC 181)

ENGLISH 90: Fiction Writing

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