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EARTHSYS 4: How to Build and Maintain a Habitable Planet: An Introduction to Earth System History (GS 4)

EARTHSYS 8: The Oceans: An Introduction to the Marine Environment (ESS 8)

EARTHSYS 9: Public Service Internship Preparation (ARTSINST 40, EDUC 9, HUMBIO 9, PUBLPOL 74, URBANST 101)

EARTHSYS 10: Introduction to Earth Systems

EARTHSYS 11Q: Sustainability And Social Justice (ETHICSOC 11Q)

EARTHSYS 12SC: Environmental and Geological Field Studies in the Rocky Mountains (ESS 12SC, GS 12SC)

EARTHSYS 13SC: People, Land, and Water in the Heart of the West

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EARTHSYS 15SC: Environmental & Resource Challenges on Native American Lands (LAWGEN 15SC, NATIVEAM 15SC, POLISCI 26SC)

EARTHSYS 16SI: Environmental Justice in the Bay Area (URBANST 16SI)

EARTHSYS 18: Promoting Sustainability Behavior Change at Stanford

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